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COVID-19 Testing Sites - last updated 17 September


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COVID Fast Facts 17 August 2020


Testing Criteria and SURV codes 14th August 2020


Fast Facts: 12 August 2020

  • A message on the Principles of Level 3 and maintaining Green and Red Infection Control "Streaming" from RNZCGP
  • COVID-19 Coding Advice from the MoH
  • Auckland Regional HealthPathways
  • Staff ID cards


Fast Facts:  6 August 2020


Fast Facts:  3 August 2020


COVID-19 Information from Friday Facts 31 July 2020

Fast Facts: 20 May

  • Update Points from Dr Caroline McElnay, Director Public Health from recent GPNZ and PHO Clnical Directors' Zoom
  • Your Health Summary
  • A message from Mercy Hospice (Dr Pam Jennings)


Fast Facts: 18 May

  • Changes to CBAC testing sites from Monday 18 May
  • Clinical process for testing for COVID-19 in Designated Practices, Urgent Care and General Practice
  • Employer-requested clearance tests
  • Best practice infection prevention and control for COVID-19, for Face-to-Face Consultations in General Practice
  • COVID-19 Surveillance Testing for Primary Care


Fast Facts: 13 May

  • Auckland PHO funding for COVID-19 Capital Expenses
  • 0800 COVIDVAN – reminder to make referrals
  • Current Covid-19 Response – Cervical Screening
  • Laboratory Update – Collection Centre protocols with transition to level 2
  • ACC home visits: are you claiming the right amount?
  • Changes to the Disability Allowance application process
  • Primary Care Update: Issue 2 for general practice, PHOs and DHBs
  • Your Health Record (Shared Primary Care Summary Record)


Fast Facts: 7 May

  • Information from DHB departments about their COVID-19 responses
  • COVID-19 Webinar (Tuesday, 12 May 2020 7.30pm)


Strategies to identify and deliver care for Vulnerable Patients and gradually resume National Screening Programmes during Covid-19 National Emergency Alerts Level


Fast Facts: 30 April

  • Clarification of primary care management of people with acute respiratory symptoms/suspected COVID-19
  • The Ministry of Health National has a Close Contact Service that refers symptomatic close contacts to CBACs for testing
  • Webinar: An Introduction to Telehealth in NZ


Fast Facts: 23 April

  • How to Refer to Mobile COVID-19 Testing Services
  • Primary Care Pathway for Persons with Acute Respiratory Symptoms
  • POAC COVID Retrospective Claiming
  • Patient Transportation to Diagnostics
  • Influenza Vaccinations


Influenza Vaccination Information for General Practice Administrators


Fast Facts: 21 April

  • COVID-19 update to primary care providers
  • Green Prescription referrals during COVID-19
  • Smoking cessation during COVID-19
  • Ready Steady Quit continues smoking cessation services
  • Plan ahead when ordering flu vaccine
  • Influenza Update


Fast Facts: 20 April

  • COVID-19: Notice to general practice retesting of automated texts to patients
  • Increased testing capacity available for sexually transmitted diseases - a message from Labtests
  • PHARMAC - Some special authority and NPPA approvals automatically extended


Fast Facts: 16 April

  • Zero Invoicing for Telephone and Virtual Consults with Patients
  • Influenza Vaccination Update
  • A Message from Hospice NZ
  • Zero Invoicing for Telephone and Virtual Consults with Patients
  • COVID-19 REFERRALS to CBACs, Designated Swabbing Clinics, Urgent Care Clinics or Mobile Services
  • POAC Services During COVID-19
  • Opinions from the Experts
  • Driver License Expiration Dates will be Extended for Six Months


Mental Health and COVID-19 Support and Resources - updated 16 April 


Fast Facts: 15 April

  • COVID-19: New Approach for Aged Residential Care

Published by Ministry of Health

  • COVID-19 Update - Heart Foundation COVID-19 - Clinical and Patient Resources


Fast Facts: 9 April

  • Cabinet agreed to extend all expired driving licenses by up to 6 months

Published by Ministry of Health


Message from the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield 9 April 2020


Fast Facts: 7 April

Published by BMA, Royal College of General Practitioners, NHS England

  • Message sample from you to your patients - for your website or communications
  • Zostavax Claiming
  • NZePS updated FAQs; Remote Prescribing/Signature Exempt Prescriptions
  • Cremations - exemption for medical and nurse practitioners for viewing and identifying the deceased in some circumstances
  • Message from MoH re Influenza Vaccinations

Published by Ministry of Health


Fast Facts: 6 April

Published by Labtests and Northern Pathology 

  • Influenza Update
  • Enrolling Patients during COVID-19 Lockdown


Fast Facts: 2 April

Published by bpacnz

  • National Screening Programmes Impacted by COVID-19
  • Guidelines and Training for "Working with Remote Interpreters" for Health Practitioners


Fast Facts Mental Health: 31 March

  • How to help yourself and your patients manage mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Changes in Auckland DHB mental health referrals due to COVID-19 response


Fast Facts: 30 March

  • Funding Package to Support Primary Care's Response to COVID-19
  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Maori Health
  • Ministry of Health Contact Email
  • WINZ Job Seeker Changes for the Next Six Months
  • ACC - ACC45 Changes
  • A Best Use of PPE Guideline for the Northern Region
  • NZePS


Fast Facts: 26 March

  • Prescribing during COVID-19
  • MoH Information
  • Swab Requirements for COVID-19 Testing
  • Update Criteria for Swabbing for COVID-19


COVID-19 Testing Sites


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