COVID Fast Facts

COVID-19 Important Information for Practices:COVID-19 Update: Immediate Change in PCR Test Eligibility, COVID-19 Omicron Update, How to handle disruptors - guidelines for primary care

Webinars: HealthPathways COVID-19 Primary Care Education Session, Supporting your COVID-positive patients, COVID Clinical Care Module (CCM)

WebinarsPractical steps for managing COVID-19 positive patients, IMAC 'ask the experts' COVID-19 vaccinations, Ashley Bloomfield talks Omicron and answers member's questions, Omicron and its impact on Primary Care webinar recording

COVID-19 Important Information for PracticesRole of General Practice in COVID-19 Case Management: Extending Whanau HQ, COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Vaccination UpdatesCOVID-19 vaccination The Big Boost campaign, booster dose for health and disability workers - correction, COVID-19 immunisation of severely needle phobic tamariki,

Consumer Resources for People with COVID-19: Managing COVID at home - videos for your patients

Webinars Omicron and Its Impact on Primary Care - Webinar this evening at 7.30pm

COVID-19 Important Information for Practices : Guidance for critical health services during an Omicron outbreak , Ordering Rapid Antigen Tests, COVID Care in the Community - Training Pack, GPNZ Panui February 2022

COVID-19 Vaccination Updates : COVID-19 vaccination – reduced interval for booster dose , COVID-19 Vaccination 5-11 year old resources

Consumer Resources for People with COVID-19 : Health Navigator News - New COVID-19 videos, COVID-19 positive print resources

COVID-19 Important Information for Practices: Omicron webinar - information pack, recording and slide deck from 25 January 2022 webinar

Webinars: The Omicron pivot webinar - Thursday, 3 February 7.30pm

COVID-19 Vaccination Updates: Pfizer Adult February 2022 expiry labelled vials, IMAC: Vaccinating 5-11 year olds resources

COVID-19 Important Information for Practices: Omicron Planning Update, PPE, RAT, Dealing with Anti-Vaxers, Whānau HQ and Border Clinical Management System (BCMS), COVID-19 Vaccination Order - Booster Vaccinations, CIR Issues

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