Well Child/Tamariki Ora is a free service that is offered to all New Zealand children from birth to 5 years and supports parents to protect and improve their child’s health, so they can grow and develop to their full potential. Midwives caring for the new baby are responsible for making the referral to a well child provider. There is a range of well child providers and parents can choose which provider they would prefer.

Their details can be found on their website.

About the well child/tamariki ora health book

A copy of the Well Child/Tamariki Ora My Health Book is given to caregivers when a baby is born. It contains helpful information about the stages in the child’s development.  Copies of the book can also be ordered on:

Ministry of health link

The Ministry of Social Development through its website SKIP offers a range of free resources to support positive parenting. Some are designed specifically for parents, caregivers and families, while others are aimed at helping community groups conduct workshops and training.

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